"Give your gear a second chance!"


Do you have 'gently loved' (and clean!) outdoor gear & apparel that you want to sell?  We offer 3 options:

  1. Drop by the store with your gear Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 10am-4pm. 
  2. Book a private appointment by emailing .
  3. Save the trip - use the form below to take a few pics and describe the items. We'll get an evaluation back to you within 48 hours (hopefully sooner!). 

Winter consignments have started!  We're now accepting: Ski, Board, Nordic, Backcountry, Outerwear, clothing and all other snow related accessories.

Then check back regularly to see the status of your account and request your $.



You receive 60% of the selling price.  Plus an extra 10% if you use your account balance for in-store purchases.

If after 30 days your item has not sold then the price is reduced by 10%.  After 60 days, by another 10%. 

Summer gear not sold should be picked up Sept 1 - 15. Winter items April 1 - 15.   Unsold items not returned will be donated to a few of our favorite local charities.

We ask for the exclusive right to sell for 45 days. 

For all the small print check out the full consignment agreement.

Tell us a little bit about the gear you want to sell: