As most of you know by now, all of us at Headwall Sports are gear-enthusiasts. Which means if we purchase a new product for the store, chances are, all of us are going to rush to try it out. So when boxes of Nature’s Coffee Kettle arrived, I was stoked, remembering that time last November, a freezing (-30 or less) elk hunt at 9’000 feet, when this delicious little coffee nugget of awesomeness saved my fingers, toes and spirits.

This past month a bunch of us at Headwall Sports brewed some fresh cups for our morning journeys, and here’s what we found:

Our review:  This coffee brewer is amazing.  

A few things we liked:

Gives you 4 or more cups of fresh brewed coffee
Flavor is way better than dehydrated coffee
Avoid mess of back country french press kit
Lightweight, only one ounce and packs flat in your pack
Multiple flavors to choose from (even hot cider and chocolate for the kids)

 Here's how to use:   

Open the pack and twist the cap for air to escape the kettle. Pour one cup of hot water over the coffee pack, and let it sit for a few minutes to allow the coffee grounds to activate (like a pour over). Add three more cups of water and let it brew for 5-10 minutes. If you prefer stronger coffee, pour the coffee through a second time for a bolder flavor. Each coffee pack can be used to make up to eight cups. Cleanup is as easy as sealing the top compartment and making sure the cap is screwed on tight.

Get outdoors. Motivate friends and family to join. And share some memories over some nicely brewed coffee.

Ask us at the counter about Nature’s Coffee Kettle and we can share some stories.

Steven aka the Backcountry Barista