Tater: 15 weeks, 29lbs

Bob and Tater have been working with DogJax on basic obedience training.   Bob says the good folks at DogJax have been super helpful in "unrednecking"  (we prefer "old school") how he was taught to train a dog i.e. lots of force and negative reinforcement.     At this still early stage basically keeping things fun and positive for Tater and not pushing too hard.

Avalanche training has included a "get-away' exercise.  A handler will hold Tater while Bob rubs scent on his own face with a piece of clothing.  This allows Tater to take in that particular scent.  Then Bob will walk a certain distance away, in a non-direct path and hide. Tater is encouraged to go find Bob by taking the most direct route. The goal is to put nose up and follow the scent via air and not on the ground.  

They've also done some swimming to get used to varied physical environments. Tater with a life vest has been able to return to shore on his own.   On one of the swimming excursions a young male moose walked out of the bushes and swam across the lake right in front of us - pretty cool!