All of us at Headwall Sports are excited to announce our first sponsored JH based athlete - Sir Tater Tot of the Tetons!  We love dogs (and alliteration, obviously) so decided our first sponsorship would be in the 'canine division'.   Long time JHMR Ski Patroller Bob Larson is Tater's trainer and companion.

Tater  is just starting his training regime to become a mountain search & rescue avalanche dog.  Over the next year we are going to be providing material support  and documenting his growth, training and accomplishments

Next post we'll cover Bob's thinking and process that led him to Tater.

Athlete Profile & Stats:

Age:  16 weeks

Weight: 21 lbs

Breed: Pure Bred Golden Retriever

Hometown: Central Point, Oregon

Mother: “Addie”

Father:  “Viva”

Accomplishments:  Search & discovered a buried old sock, skiing at The Pass, socializing well with other dogs and humans. 


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