A new beginning at Headwall Sports...

April in Jackson is usually associated with the end of the ski season at JHMR, and a bit of a lull before the summer. But not for the new owners of Headwall Sports - Sean, Andy & myself. Today Laurel handed over the keys to the store she started almost 5 years ago. She and her team have built a thriving business that's also an active part of the outdoor community here in JH.

We have a pretty steep learning curve over the next few months. Laurel will be staying on for a bit to help with the transition. We are going to do our best to not break anything and continue being a small but important part of the local ecosystem that helps people gear up for the outdoors.

We are very excited and look forward to meeting everyone - come by the store, say hi and introduce yourself in person.

Andy, Sean, & Lorien